Stage One

0-6 months

aPLUS Milk premium infant formula is scientifically formulated for bottle fed babies from birth, or for transitioning from breast feeding to bottle feeding within the first 6 months. Nutritionally complete and gentle on little tummies, aPLUS Milk provides key ingredients in addition to GOS and FOS prebiotics, the essentials for young babies.


Scientifically formulated for newborn nutritional requirements, this whey-dominant formula is perfect for both:


1. Babies bottle-feeding from birth

2. Babies transitioning from breast to bottle


It is enriched with all the necessary vitamins, minerals and iron for growth, and is gentle on the most sensitive tummies.  Added GOS and FOS prebiotics ensure flourishing healthy gut bacteria that assist with a strong immune system, digestive health and reduced allergy-related symptoms.  This makes for a happier, healthier baby.

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