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Tasty Toddler Recipes

Rather than battling through meal times, a little planning can turn those tears into smiles without sacrificing essential nutrients vital to fuel a busy toddler’s play and physical development. Try this fun selection from BBC’s Good Food Guide, with bonus nutritional panels to help you meet your child’s needs.

  1. Salmon fish fingers and chunky chips: A tasty meal for toddlers, this dish of salmon fish fingers with chunky chips is also rich in omega-3 because of the salmon

  2. Mini shepherd’s pies: A sneaky combo of tasty lamb mince combined with fibre-rich vegies and creamy mashed potato sees the vegie count soar at dinner time.

  3. Sweetcorn and spinach fritters: Loaded with egg protein and vitamin C, these fritters are perfect finger food for little hands.

  4. Chicken sticks with satay sauce: Why eat chicken on a plate when you can add the fun of a handle? Kids love tactile food and this protein-rich recipe adds an element of surprise.

  5. Mini egg and veggie muffins: These muffins make a great snack filled with fibre and protein, and low in sugar, an issue in many processed snack foods

  6. Easy fish pie: What about a meal that will feed the little people AND the big people, you ask? Say no more. This crowd pleaser fits the bill.

  7. Beef stew with sweet potato topper: Another family pleaser suitable for little tummies and tastebuds. Not even your teenagers will find the hidden veggies in this one!

  8. Microwave prawn and zucchini risotto: Want it looking fancy but on the table in 30min? This tasty risotto makes light work of a family favourite.

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