Top toddler activities


Squirt painting

Thumbtack a blank A3 page to a tree and arm your child with a water pistol, super soaker, or even a plastic spray bottle filled with liquid watercolor paint.  Now let them go to town!  These artworks easily dry on grass secured by garden rocks.


Tape city driving track

Have a hard floor area in your house?  Matchbox cars are much more fun with a series of roads created on the floor with removable tape.

Splat painting

Toddlers love some mess and splat painting fits the bill.  All you needs is some poster paint, a sheet of white paper and those cotton rounds you use to remove your make up!

Place a series of paint blobs on the paper and cover each with a cotton round.  Your child will love ‘splatting’ each round to see the paint shoot out.  Hands or a toy mallet work equally well.

Sticky collage

Pin a piece of contact sticky side up onto the wall.  Then provide your little one with a variety of light craft objects to stick onto the surface.  Instant art project!

Box hammering

Have a budding Bob the Builder?  A handful of golf tees make great ‘nails’ to be hammered into a cardboard box placed on it’s side.

Cotton ball painting

A peg creates a great handle to dip cotton balls into paint pots for an alternative to brushes.  Try using old egg cartons as the perfect mini-paint palette.

Pasta stacks

Playdough can create a good base for a bunch of drinking straws to anchor into.  These straws then create an excellent place to thread pasta tubes.  This is an excellent way to encourage counting games.